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Step 1.


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Pick the item you’d like to purchase and select “Kup teraz” (“Buy Now”) under its description. Then, in order to add it to cart, select “Do koszyka” (“Add to Cart”). If you wish to continue shopping select “Kontynuuj zakupy” (“Continue Shopping”) but if you wish to proceed to checkout select “Przejdź do kasy” (“Proceed to Checkout”).


Step 2.


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When checking out, select the currency you’d like to pay in the “Sposób płatności” (“Payment Method”) section and the country you’d like to have the item(s) delivered to in the “Sposób dostawy” (“Delivery Method”) section.


Step 3.




Fill out your shipping info:

Imię – First Name
Nazwisko – Last Name

Adres e-mail – e-mail Address
Ulica – Street
Nr domu – Building Number
Nr mieszkania – Apartment Number
Kod pocztowy – Zip Code
Miejscowość – Town
Telefon – Phone Number

If you select the first tick box you will subscribe to the CupSell newsletter. You’re able to unsubscribe at any time. After selecting the second tick box you will proceed to creating a CupSell account.


Step 4.




Review your order – you see what you’re ordering in the “Podsumowanie” (“Summary”) section. If you’re ready to order select “Zamawiam i płacę” (“Order and Pay”), otherwise pick “Wróć do koszyka” („Return to Cart”) to make changes in your cart.


Happy shopping!